Rates are flat today. Today’s comparison mortgage rates with no lender fees are 4.125% on a 30 year, 3.375% on a 15 year and 2.875% on a 5/1 ARM. (click here for details)

It’s Tough Mudder weekend, baby! Tough Mudder #2 this year! What are you doing tomorrow? I will be running 12 miles and navigating through 22 different obstacles designed by the British Special Forces. Sounds fun doesn’t it. Who wouldn’t want to go through the Frozen Forest, or the Funky Monkey, or the Ball Shrinker and then run threw 10,000 volts of electric shock therapy just to finish off the race. Sounds like a relaxing day to me!

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Today, I only have one point to make. Getting a mortgage in today’s market is not as tough as everyone makes it out to be. It’s not as easy as it has been in the past but that is a good thing in some cases. Do not be discouraged by the “negative Nancies” out there.

Yes, you have to have good credit, a down payment and you have to actually document your income. That is to be expected and does not make the loan process unbearable. Guess what! You will have to make your payments to keep the house as well. Who would of thunk!

Buying a house should be fun and refinancing can be painless. You just need the right people on your team. A great Realtor and a great lender working together will make the whole process a great one. Remember that when you are picking your “A” team. If you had a great one in the past, refer them to everyone you know. Seriously they deserve it! Being a realtor or lender in today’s environment is tough!

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