Rates are flat today. Today’s comparison mortgage rates with no lender fees are 4.0% on a 30 year, 3.375% on a 15 year and 2.875% on a 5/1 ARM. (click here for details)

Today is another great day to shop lenders to get an “apples to apples” comparison on your loan. So don’t just sit there, get to it!

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It is Wednesday and of course the day before Thanksgiving and I am sure many of you are looking forward to the long holiday weekend. Maybe you are just super excited to stand in line for 6 hours on Friday morning to buy a TV from Wal-Mart for half price. That’s not really my cup of tea, but hey, I don’t judge.

Whatever it is you do this holiday, just remember it is the time to give thanks and show appreciation to the people around you. It’s not just another reason to go get wasted during the week and be hung over tomorrow. Again, I am not judging. (It’s the biggest drinking night of the year!)

I was actually going through my emails last night, like usual, and had a bunch of them showing their gratitude and going on to explain how much money I had helped them save by getting a better deal. Like, a few days ago I helped Maci in Indiana save over $3300 on her closing costs. And there have been many others with the same type of feedback.

So, I thought in the spirit of my Thanksgiving, if I was able to help you get a better deal on your mortgage or if you are just in the giving mood. There are two charities that are very important to me, The Ronald McDonald House and The Children’s Hospital.

So if you saved $3,000 in closing costs or I saved you an eighth in rate and feel like giving back. Click on the links above and donate whatever you would like. Even a dollar would mean the world to either charity.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Also, thank you all for sharing Rates in Motion and providing me great feedback. I really appreciate it.

Now get out there and get the best deal. You deserve it. But don’t go naked. You better have the rate and lender credit I gave you in hand to compare it to.

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Let’s change the way people shop for a mortgage…forever!

– Mike

PS. To ask a question, get advice, or find out if you’re getting the best deal possible on your loan, just post a comment below. Daily comparison rates, calculators, and other cool features are available in the free Rates in Motion LoanApp by going to your smart phone and clicking on this link, activation code is 9203780002

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