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Last Day to Lock (Episode 55)

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With new mortgage industry changes beginning tomorrow on April 1st, Mike recommends that you lock in today to get the best deal on your mortgage. Here's more: (Watch it on your mobile phone or email reader here) ...

Lock Your Rate Before April 1st (Episode 54)

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Prashant in Michigan asked if it was a good idea to lock after April 1st once the new law goes into effect and the yield spread premium (each loan officer's behind the scenes profit) is fixed. Here's Mike's answer: ...

Real Estate Perks (Episode 53)

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Who doesn't like free stuff? When shopping for a home, Mike recommends checking with the listing agent to see if they're offering a free home warranty or inspection. Also, don't forget the deadline for filing taxes i...

Should You Pay Closing Costs? (Episode 52)

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To pay or not to pay closing costs, that is the question today. Mike explains that it depends on how long you plan to stay in your home and what closing cost credit you can get for raising your rate. Also, Fortune Ma...

Are Online Mortgage Lenders Safe? (Episode 51)

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Today Mike answers the question: "Are Online Mortgage Lenders Safe?" He also gives tips on how to deal with online mortgage lenders and shows off a true American Castle. Here's more: (Watch it on your mobile phon...

Mortgage Planning 101 (Episode 50)

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We turn 50 today! To celebrate our 50th episode, Mike talks about strategic mortgage planning and how it might affect your future if you don't have the right advisor. He urges you to get all the facts while you're s...

Why You Need a New Appraisal (Episode 49)

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It’s nice to hear good news! Today, Beacon Economics is forecasting a 23% jump in California home prices. Mike also explains the mystery behind appraisers and why you can't use your old appraisal. Here's more: (W...

Banks Walking Away from Foreclosures? (Episode 48)

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Banks are walking away from foreclosures now too? Today Mike talks about this emerging problem and also explains why you need to check your credit report for disputed accounts or errors. Here's more: (Watch it on...

Your Parent’s Mortgage? (Episode 47)

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Spring is here! If you're waiting for Spring to go house shopping, now's the time. While you're thinking about financing, Mike urges you to consider what mortgage is best for you, not just for your parents or friends...

Mike in Motion (Episode 46)

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TGIF everyone! Since Mike was on his way to a meeting of Realtors, he used a "hands free" iPhone mount to shoot today's episode from his truck. We think it turned out pretty good. Here's more: (Watch it on your m...

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