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Are Online Mortgage Lenders Safe? (Episode 51)

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Today Mike answers the question: "Are Online Mortgage Lenders Safe?" He also gives tips on how to deal with online mortgage lenders and shows off a true American Castle. Here's more: (Watch it on your mobile phon...

Banks Walking Away from Foreclosures? (Episode 48)

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Banks are walking away from foreclosures now too? Today Mike talks about this emerging problem and also explains why you need to check your credit report for disputed accounts or errors. Here's more: (Watch it on...

Episode 33 – The “Low Down” on Mortgage Down Payments

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Today in our main segment, Mike shares the "Low Down" on mortgage down payments in this current real estate finance marketplace. He also discusses Warren Buffett's comments about the real estate market in his letter t...

Episode 34 – Underwriting Tongue Twister Tip of the Day

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Today the iPad 2 is out, some rates are down, and Mike attempts to share his underwriting "Tip of the Day" five times fast while he discusses underwriting processes and the issue of seasoning down payment funds (and c...

Episode 35 – Time to Seize the Day!

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It's a new day here at Rates in Motion! To celebrate the new format, we have a lot of fun with Charlie Sheen making a guest appearance while Mike shares a passionate recommendation to "Seize the Day" before mortgage c...

Episode 36 – Winning the Best Rates

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Can you lick your elbow? It's "Fun Fact Friday" and Mike gives your real estate agent tips on how to help you find a good deal on a foreclosure home and finance the repairs. There is also a surprise visitor at the end...

Episode 37 – Should You Pay for Lock Extensions?

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Today Mike discusses paying for rate lock extensions and saving money on more than just your new mortgage. Check it out! (Watch it on your mobile phone or email reader here) We love interaction! To ask a question, ...

Episode 38 – Should You Order an AVM?

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Mike is recommending you lock today if you have a closing coming up. He also discusses how Location, Location, Location matters and highly recommends using an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) prior to wasting hundreds ...

Episode 39 – The Best Deal Was Yesterday, Not Tomorrow!

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Today Mike wonders about the new toilet shaped house from South Korea, while he takes an in-depth look at the true costs of owning your home and predicts that they are going up, not going down in the next year. Today'...

Episode 40 – More to Your Mortgage Deal Than Just Rates

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Today Mike reminds you love your mortgage and that there is more to negotiate than just your mortgage rates and fees. Here's more... (Watch it on your mobile phone or email reader here) We love interaction! To ask ...

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