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The Dark Side of Referrals (Episode 65)

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Mortgage rates are down today! Today I wanted to share my experiences at a meeting of home buyers. The look on their faces was priceless! I also cover: Why referrals aren't always good for you The difference lo...

Top 5 Things that Can Kill Your Mortgage Application (Episode 66)

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Here’s my top five things that will kill your mortgage application or give you one BIG mortgage headache! Opening new credit or using up your current credit. Missing payments. Making large deposits without a pa...

No April Fool’s Joke (Episode 56)

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It might seem like an April Fool's Day joke, but a federal judge ordered a temporary delay of the big changes that were set to begin today. It does affect rates. Also, Mike talks a bit today about rate locks and how ...

Up Front with Occupancy (Episode 67)

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Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! Don't forget the deadline for income taxes and that FHA mortgage insurance premium increases kick in.  To help make up for the pain, we're launching the free Rates in Motion LoanApp g...

Not Lending Tree (Episode 57)

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Do you think Rates in Motion is like the Lending Tree website? If so, you're in for a surprise. Today Mike answers one Realtor who thought it was the same concept. He also talks about what happens when a potential bo...

Home Purchase Appraisal Problems (Episode 68)

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Sometimes appraisals go the wrong way. That's usually bad news if you're all ready to move in. Today I talk about why an appraisal can be an issue and ways to fix the situation if an appraisal comes in too low when t...

FHA Changes Ahead! (Episode 58)

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After April 18th, FHA guidelines are changing and your mortgage insurance will be more expensive for FHA loans. Today's episode also features: - Taxes on your iPhone? - US debt weighing in on mortgage bonds - Cong...

Do I Need PMI? (Episode 69)

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I'm on the road again, this time shooting from my hotel room. Some of my friends jokingly call me the "Godfather of Rates", so we had a little fun in this episode answering a question about Private Mortgage Insurance...

When are Mortgage Rates Going Up? (Episode 59)

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In answer to Kevin Hill's question, Mike gets out his crystal ball to help answer the question: When will rates actually go up as predicted? Today Mike discusses: - A major article - How Japan affected m...

Is it Really Hard to Get a Mortgage? (Episode 70)

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Special thanks today to Michael D. Harris Jr., who is the editor of The Lime Magazine and president of Ardynn Media Group.  Rates in Motion now has its very own tab on his online magazine! We're looking forward to fi...

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