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Ok, now on to the serious stuff. With the US debt ceiling all over the news, I thought we should cover a few ways this may affect you if you’re in the industry, shopping for a home, or looking to refinance.

I discuss my three biggest concerns in today’s episode:

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Here are the three main ways that the debt ceiling default issue is affecting or will affect mortgages and the real estate industry:

1. If the US defaults on its debt, things would get ugly. Potentially, we could see mortgage rates double, confidence in the US crushed, and home prices fall further. You thought we had appraisal issues right now…

2. A more likely scenario could be a downgrade in our AAA status which will still result in higher mortgage rates. This seems to be a 50/50 chance right now. If we see this happen we could see rates go from 4.5% to 5.125% for my benchmark 30 Year Fixed rate I talk about each day. That is a huge difference if you are looking at today’s low rates.

3. Fear and uncertainty are currently driving the markets right now and it won’t get better if we default. Until this situation is figured out we will most likely see rates get worse. Let’s hope the government doesn’t wait until the final hour to get this solved. August 2nd is right around the corner!

What’s your take? What do you think will happen? Leave a comment below.

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– Mike

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