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Is your loan officer built for speed?

Delays are costly and irritating. When applying for a mortgage, you’ll need to make sure your loan officer is set up to get your loan closed as fast as possible. Here are five questions to ask your loan officer to make sure they are speedy!

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Here are my top five questions to ask your loan officer to make sure they are fast!

1. Do you have access to esignatures on your loan paperwork?

Esignatures will allow you to get a loan package from your loan officer and return it back to them without ever needing to print, fax, or mail anything. A few clicks of the mouse and your loan package can be returned. Paperless is the fast way (and green way) to go!

2. Do you have your own loan processor?

Some originators are set up to originate and process their own loans. This can delay the process if they have a lot of loans to get closed. The busier they are, the slower each one will be. Having their own processor is much more efficient.

3. What is your underwriting turnaround time?

Ask the loan officer how long it will take for their underwriter to look at their paperwork file to determine what else is needed to get your loan closed. 72 hours is pretty standard. I have heard of lenders taking 30 days to look at files. Find out first!

4. How fast can you respond to my questions and concerns?

Your loan officer is the captain of the ship from start to finish. If you cant get ahold of them you may get lost as sea and it will definitely delay your closing. Same day should be normal but 24 hrs is expectable.

5. How do I check the status of my loan to make sure its moving forward?

Lenders should have a online system that you can check your status of your loan anytime you want. If they don’t you better have full access to your originator through out the process.

All of these items will help expedite your loan process. Better to ask these questions up front, instead of 20 days into a loan nightmare. Hope this helps!

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See you tomorrow!

– Mike

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