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Rates are flat today. Today’s rates with no lender fees are 3.625% APR on a 30 year, 2.875% APR on a 15 year and 2.75% APR on a 10 year. (click here for details)

A lot of you will probably be shopping around online this weekend. And that usually means that you’ll be putting your information into automated forms that will either give you incorrect info or spam the hell out of your inbox.
The Get Help section on the other hand, sends your specific loan scenario to a real human being that has no intention other than helping you get the best possible deal on your mortgage. Seems like a better solution to me.
Check it out in today’s video:

Rates in the GET RATES section are based on a single family house, owner-occupied, $250,000 loan amount with 80% LTV, a 740 credit score,with escrows in the state of Wisconsin with absolutely NO LENDER FEES.
If that doesn’t sound like you, go to the GET HELP SECTION and either myself or a RIM Approved Lender will give you what you need.
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– Mike
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