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Let’s talk more about gifts. It’s the busy time of year for buying homes and I want to talk about using gift money for your down payment. If you have nice parents or other immediate family members that have extra money laying around, they can help you with the down payment needed for a home loan these days. However, there are a few things you should know…

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Back to the main topic. The biggest thing to know is that all gift funds have to be from an actual immediate family member. It might be a little weird if your brother’s girlfriend’s parent’s neighbor is borrowing you the money for your down payment. That’s not going to work. Let’s go over what is needed in the transaction if you plan on using gift funds.

Standard Conventional Mortgage

This one can be confusing. On a standard conventional mortgage, you must either receive a gift for a full 20% down payment from a family member with none of your own funds in the transaction OR you need to contribute at least 5% of your own funds and get a gift for everything else.

Basically, this means that if you have Really Really nice parents or other family members, you don’t need any of your own funds. If you have just have Really nice parents, you’ll need 5% of your own funds.

FHA Mortgage

Luckily the FHA guidelines are simpler and you can use any combination of gift funds with your own funds. There is no set percentage.

Mortgage Bonds are in the negative territory today and again testing the 200 day moving average. We have seen some resistance here over past few weeks. Its going to take some major news to break through that ceiling of resistance. New homes sales are up 7.3% in April. That’s better than expected.

Mortgage Bonds are in the positive territory and again testing the 200 day moving average. Debt concerns in Europe are again helping bonds get a boost today.

Today’s rates with no lender fees are 4.5% on a 30 year fixed, 3.75% on a 15 year fixed, and 3.0% on a 5/1 ARM. Click here to get the details and other rates I found today with NO lender fees.

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