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Today’s topic is communication. This is for all of you rate surfers out there surfing the web and looking for the best deal. That should be all of you out there, right?
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When you are shopping lenders they usually have a short contact form for you to fill out so they can contact you and give you the quote you are looking for. This form will always include your phone number and your email address.
These are both very important pieces of information. A fake phone number or email address will get you know where. Here is the reality. A mortgage transaction is very technical and requires a conversation to make sure you are getting the most accurate quote possible.
A accurate phone number is needed to talk through the details of your loan. A accurate email is important so you can get that quote in writing. You should always get every quote in writing. It makes it a lot easier to shop lenders and compare them side by side. You can even take one lenders quote and send it to others to help you negotiate the best deal.
I know you don’t want to be bombarded with calls and spam emails. I get that. That is why you contact a specific lender for a quote and not a third party that will sell your information to twenty different lenders.
You should only be contacting lenders you think have a shot a earning your business anyway. And if you really don’t want to leave your contact information that’s fine. All you have to do is call them directly. Then, if it all sounds good, give them them your contact info.
On that note, only one Rates In Motion approved lender will contact you if you fill out the GET HELP section. Their goal is to give you the best deal up front every time with NO hassle. They make mortgage shopping easy.
Think about this before you give a lender the same number you give that annoying guy at the bar.
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– Mike
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