milwaukee-low-ratesWelcome to Rates in Motion – the free daily video blog that offers the most candid information available to consumers shopping for mortgage rates as first-time homebuyers in Milwaukee or as seasoned homeowners. A leading provider of timely Milwaukee mortgage interest rates, consumer tips, news and expertise, the Rates in Motion video blog addresses these mortgage topics and more just to name a few:
  • What is all this talk about FHA in Milwaukee?
    Milwaukee’s FHA mortgage standards explicitly reference that there isn’t a minimum credit score to gain FHA mortgage rate approval. However, lenders may choose not to make Milwaukee FHA loans available to applicants whose credit scores are below 640.
  • Today’s Milwaukee mortgage rates?
    If you would like to find the best Milwaukee current mortgage rates, fill out the ‘Get Help’ section and we will search the best lenders for you to find the best mortgage rate daily in Milwaukee.
  • Looking for the best Milwaukee mortgage rates?
    If you’re not getting what you want in terms of a Milwaukee mortgage loan rate, let your mortgage lender know. Talk to your lender about your needs when it comes to Milwaukee low mortgage interest rates and closing costs. There is nothing wrong with telling your loan originator the terms you are looking for when it comes to home loan shopping.
  • How do you maintain your home’s value?
    When you are buying a house in Milwaukee, one of the most important parts of the loan underwriting process is the appraisal. The home appraisal will determine the value of your home based on other houses similar to yours in a few-mile radius around Milwaukee. So it is best to uphold your home’s value by keeping your creativity to a minimal when it comes to decorating your home.
  • Are you considering the state of the economy?
    As you look into locking your Milwaukee mortgage loan or negotiating your closing costs on your home, consider the state of the economy. Volatility in the market doesn’t always mean a better or worse Milwaukee mortgage rate. It can simply mean an adjustment in your lender credits.
  • Did you know the 30-year fixed mortgage rate in Milwaukee is the best mortgage to leverage your financial future?
    Investing in homeownership is a sound investment.
  • Did you know that the Milwaukee USDA has come out with a pilot refinance mortgage rate?
    You must have a USDA loan to qualify for this program. Additionally, you won’t be allowed to include closing costs in your new loan amount either. Anyone with a current USDA loan around Milwaukee may want to check into this program.
  • What type of Milwaukee mortgage loan is right for you?
    USDA home loans, FHA home loans, VA home loans, Harp 2.0, fixed interest loans – so many options. Rates in Motion offers many videos that contain insight in helping you choose the right Milwaukee mortgage loan with a lower mortgage rate for you.

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