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Today’s topic is overlays. Yes, those stupid investor overlays that can take your potential mortgage transaction approved to this denied.
Check it out in today’s video:

When you are going through the application process there can be some some specific scenarios that your lender of choice may not like. The point today is that all lenders are not created equal.
Each lender will have a different set of overlays that could effect the outcome of your mortgage. So if you are having trouble getting your loan approved it may not be you. It could be your lenders conservative underwriting guidelines.
So if you are getting denied for some silly investor overlay you need to keep looking. Don’t not give up.
And in order to save you some time and a potential mortgage headache tell the next lender you call the issue you had with the last lender. Identifying any potential problems up front will help you find the lender you are looking for.
Guess what! There are many rates in motion approved lenders with absolutely NO overlays. So if you are having some problems go to the GET HELP section. I got what you need.
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