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Today’s tip is a good one. If you have a credit card and pay it off in full every month that is a good thing right? Well, yes it is, from a financial responsibility stand point, but not so much for a mortgage transaction.

I explain in today’s video:

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Heres the deal. These types of credit cards usually don’t have a minimum payment due on the credit bureau. The bureau usually states “paid in full monthly”. If this happens, there is not enough information to calculate your debt to income ratio. Obviously there is some sort of payment due.
If your cards carry a balance and there is no minimum payment listed you basically have three options.
1. Update your credit bureau to include a minimum monthly payment – This can be a pain.
2. Get a copy of your statement that shows a minimum monthly payment – Most statement don’t have a payment either. OR
3. Show proof of funds to pay the balance in full. A 30 day bank statement usually works best and is usually the best option.

The three cards that have no minimum monthly payment listed are usually – American express, Chase and Capital one. So if you have one of these cards be prepared to jump through some hoops to get this taken care of in underwriting.

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– Mike

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