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Today’s question is from Becky in North Carolina. “Why is my payoff higher than what it shows on my credit bureau”?

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Happy first day of Summer, also called the Summer Solstice! Today has the longest day and shortest night of the year. So enjoy it! Starting tomorrow the days begin getting shorter.

Thanks for the great question Becky. This is one thing I think a lot of people get confused with. When a payoff is ordered on your mortgage due to a refinance or you are closing on the sale of you home, the payoff will always be higher than what your credit report or last statement will show. This is because there is a interest per diem added to you loan balance. The per diem will increase your balance based on how long the payoff is good for.

Why a per diem? Mortgage payments are always paid in arrears or a month behind. Do you remember when you bought your house or refinanced last time? You closed on the loan and then had no mortgage payment for a month. This is where the per diem kicks in. Even though you don’t have a payment that month. Interest is being charged. So when you make July’s mortgage payment you are actually paying Junes mortgage principal and interest.

Just so you are aware, your mortgage servicer will also charge usually between 10 – 15 dollars to give you a payoff as well. Keep that in mind.

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– Mike

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